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Our Products
Medical Supplies

Pharmamed provides hospitals, clinics and specialized healthcare centers with medical equipment and supplies for the Operating Room, ICU and CCU. These encompass a wide range of applications.

Our people capitalize on their value creation ability to help healthcare providers deliver safe, quality care at a reasonable cost. By treating every order individually with complete regard to specific requirements, we make it our business to meet and exceed your medical center’s technical needs. Our local, regional and global market access, thanks to our wide partner network, enables us to provide equipment and supplies that cater to the following:

Pharmamed supplies the latest diagnostic instruments which provide brilliant and crystal-clear visibility thanks to their flawless construction and whose wide product range covers uses in laparoscopy, ENT, arthroscopy, thoracoscopy, gynecology and MIS.

Available are difficult intubation laryngoscopes, conventional laryngoscopes (fiber optic and bulbs) and diagnostic sets.

Surgical Instruments
Pharmamed offers the following surgical sets: basic surgery, laminectomy, craniotomy, neurology, ENT, hysterectomy, ophthalmology, plastic surgery sets and others.

Hospital Furniture
Pharmamed provides operating tables, operating lights and hospital beds.

Respiratory Care

Available from Pharmamed is a complete respiratory range focusing on areas of critical care, anesthesia, airway management, absorbents, filtration and humidification, and oxygen, aerosol and nebulisation therapy.
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