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Dietary Supplements

The dietary supplement industry is rapidly growing worldwide. In response to the rising consumer demand for dietary supplements, Pharmamed's Consumer Health Care Business Unit is dedicated to identifying and providing prescription pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, vitamins and minerals covering a wide range of nutrient, health and functional needs.

Our diversified dietary supplement range addresses special women's, men's, and infants' needs as well as special medical conditions pertaining to iron deficiency, cardiological, diabetic, digestive, joint care and others. Whether you need a long-term health aid to improve your quality of life or nutrient supplementation to meet temporary needs, you can count on Pharmamed to provide the friendliest service in supplying products manufactured with the latest technology and the best quality at the most competitive pricing.

Our product line comprises 12 areas:

. Cardioprotective: Cardioace
. Diabetics Care: Diabetone
. Digestion: Colief
. Health and Vitality: Omega-H3
. Iron Deficiency and Anemia: Feroglobin-B12
. Menopause Care: Menopace
. Men's Health: Wellman
. Neuroprotective: NeoBros
. Oral Rehydrating Solution: Babylyte
. Osteoporosis and Joint care: Osteocare, Jointace
. Pregnancy Care: Pregnacare, Feroglobin-B12
. Women's Health: Wellwoman
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